We contribute to solving
problems using our strengths
as a specialized trading company.

Since our founding in 1921, as a specialized trading company for petroleum, chemical, and resin, we have built a global network that responds promptly to the needs of both domestic and overseas customers. In the future, we will continue to deepen cooperation between our group companies while striving to strengthen our technical and sales capabilities and working together with our customers to support solutions to their problems.


As a special distributor for ENEOS, in addition to selling fuel oils, lubricants, etc., we provide a wide range of petroleum related products and services, including operating ENEOS service stations and issuing of corporate fueling credit cards.

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We can provide a wide variety of products, including chemical products and solvents. We do this with the knowledge and know-how cultivated over our long history, and the new product development that makes use of the cooperation between the resin division and our group companies. In addition, we also handle imported products from China and other countries.

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Resin / Resin Products

We provide stable supplies of thermoplastic resins such as polypropylene and polyethylene, thermosetting resins such as epoxy resin and urethane resin, and other manufactured products. We also proactively respond to the demand for functional products and environmentally friendly products.

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We support our customers’ overseas manufacturing activities through the use of our network which includes our group companies, and by offering prompt and reliable service through our local Japanese staff.

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